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A personal injury lawyer is a lawyer that has specific experience and expertise representing individuals who are the victim of accidents caused by the neglect of another person. Personal injury lawyers represent these victims due to a variety of different accidents including motor vehicle collisions, cases where people are injured another’s property due to tripping or slipping and falling, defective design of products or roads, and many other situations. Included in the definition of a personal injury lawyer is someone who represents the survivors of someone who is killed as the result of an accident. Like other areas of the law, attorneys tend to specialize in a specific field. If you are interested in having a will or trust created, you do not want a personal injury lawyer. Similarly, if you are the victim of an accident, you should be hiring someone that has an expertise in that field. Today the law is complicated enough where attorneys must be specialized in that area in order to competently represent a client. Knowing which lawyer to hire within the personal injury field is also important. There are some lawyers who spend a load of money marketing, but rarely if ever go to the courthouse to fight for their client and reject an offer that is unacceptable. It is important that an accident victim hires someone with experience in the courtroom, a trial attorney. Although most people do not want to go to trial, you want a lawyer who has the experience and reputation for doing so in order to achieve the best settlement outside of court. The insurance companies are aware of who tries cases, and who settles all their cases. You want to hire a lawyer who has a reputation for accepting nothing less than the very best they can get for their client.
A personal injury attorney handles his client’s cases from beginning to end. That requires the attorney to wear a number of different "hats", aside from their typical responsibility of a lawyer - speaking on behalf of their clients in a court of law. For example, in the beginning of the case the personal injury attorney wears the hat of an investigator. The investigation may include reaching out to law enforcement personal for all reports and documentation relating to the investigation of an accident. It also may include reaching out to an eye witnesses to find out their observations of an accident, and to develop the facts of a case. Another "hat" that a good personal injury attorney wears involves medical treatment management. Lawyers are not doctors and cannot provide or direct medical treatment. But, frequently the victim of an accident is thrust into the medical system for treatment of their injuries, and they need help understanding the resources available to them, and whether to use their own health insurance benefits in order to obtain the needed treatment. These days, getting medical treatment in an accident-related case can be a confusing process, and overwhelming at times. A good personal injury attorney and his staff can help the client/patient navigate the process of getting well, and if appropriate, have them evaluated by medical experts with respect to any permanent injuries or functional limitations they have at the conclusion of all efforts to get well. Another "hat" a good personal injury attorney is that of negotiator. Lawyers must take into account all circumstances relating to any particular case – circumstances which are always different depending upon the entire situation. Giving due consideration to the strength or weakness of our case regarding the liability of the negligent persons, the amount of insurance available, and the nature and extent of injuries our clients sustained, it is our job as negotiators to obtain the best possible settlement we can from an insurance company. That may involve submitting compelling documentation supporting our claim to an insurance company, or filing a lawsuit and taking the case through the process of litigation. Not all cases go to trial, but if needed, your lawyer better have a"trial attorney hat", which requires the skill and experience to try the case to a jury, if needed.
Insurance companies are some of the largest corporations in the world. When you are injured as the result as someone else’s negligence and they have insurance, an adjuster will be assigned to investigate for and protect the person who injured you. In our experience, the victims of accidents are extremely vulnerable to insurance adjusters who take advantage of them in the early phases of a case - before they have hired a lawyer. So, a personal injury attorney can first and foremost protect the client from being taken advantage of by an insurance company. Also, a personal injury lawyer can ease the pressure of the victim of an accident and their family. When an accident occurs, sometimes peoples lives are flipped upside down. We like to take the burden of dealing with insurance companies and investigating cases off of our clients, and allow them to focus on getting well and taking care of their families, or grieving the loss of a loved one. The sooner that our clients can get back to a "normal" life, or at least a "new normal" life, the better for them. In the meantime, we take care of all the other details.
It is best to at least consult with a personal injury lawyer immediately after an accident occurs. While you may not necessarily need to hire an attorney immediately, you should find out 0what your rights are, and make sure you do not say or do something that will harm your case. You can expect that the insurance company will move quickly to take advantage of your vulnerabilities, and for that reason you should get someone in your corner as soon as possible. Aside from aggressive insurance adjusters, it is important in the early phases of a case to obtain facts before evidence disappears and information is no longer available to preserve.
Our supreme court requires lawyers to make clear to the public that a lawyer should not be hired based solely upon marketing alone. While there are some excellent lawyers who invest in marketing, some of them should be avoided, and it is very difficult for the consumer to tell the difference. There are top notch lawyers who do not do any marketing at all, and get their cases through word of mouth. The best thing you can do is ask around and investigate and compare lawyers. There is a big difference between some lawyers, and hiring the right lawyer can make a huge difference in your case. You must ask the right questions. At our website, we provide the public with a list of questions you should ask your potential lawyer before hiring. For example, you have a right to find out what their success record in the courtroom is, and whether they actually try cases themselves. You also have a right to know if your case will be handled by the lawyers whose name is on the front door. These are important questions to ask, and questions that not everyone thinks to ask.