Why does an injured victim need a special type of lawyer?

Not every situation requires the assistance of an attorney. However, just as you would not hire a brain surgeon to fix your broken leg,  injury victims will likely require the guiding hand of a lawyer  who not only knows their way around the legal system, but also has training and experience to be the best advocate for victims of accidents.  These days, everything is more complicated, and just like doctors, lawyers tend to specialize their practices in specific areas of the law. 

If you were in an accident, and you wish to file a case against the responsible party, a personal injury attorney describes the type of  lawyer who has the necessary skills and knowledge to make the process as straightforward as possible for those who are hurt or lost loved ones as the result of someone’s neglect.

Do You Need a Special Lawyer?

A personal injury attorney specializes in a field known as tort law, which encompasses civil injuries or wrongs. This law aims to discourage others from bad behavior, while compensating the victims for their loss.  .

Personal injury lawyers protect their clients from insurance companies who represent the wrongdoer, and who might take advantage of an injury victim in the course of defending their insured. . What’s more, personal injury lawyers also help plaintiffs receive fair and just compensation equal to the gravity of their injury.

Several factors that influence the potential compensation amount include:

  • Present and expected medical expenses
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Loss of companionship
  • Disabilities incurred
  • Emotional distress
  • Physical pain

The Main Advantage of Hiring a Special Attorney

A personal  injury attorney typically doesn’t charge clients upfront fees or costs, nor do they charge by the hour. Instead, they derive all of their compensation from what’s called a contingency fee.

What is a Contingency Fee?

Simply put, the client’s payment for an attorney’s services is contingent on the outcome of their case. The client only pays their attorney if the case is successful and the client receives compensation. This payment is essentially a percentage of whatever the jury awards the plaintiff in court, or from an out of court settlement.

At Larson & Miller Injury Law, we follow this method of compensation for virtually every personal injury client. You don’t have to worry about paying hourly  fees or steep retainer deposits,  because we advance  all case related expenses  if we take on your case, and we only get paid a fee at the conclusion of your case. With your mind free from added financial stress, you can better focus on making a good recovery.

What if There Are Multiple Injury Victims in One Incident?

Depending on the case, personal injury lawyers can represent one or multiple people in the same incident at a time.  Often that saves the collective group of victims money because the expenses of the case are shared.

Multiple Client Representation

As long as no conflicts of interest are  present, one law firm can represent all victims. For instance, the potential case of two passengers who become injured in a vehicular accident might depend on proving the driver’s negligence. In this situation, one personal injury lawyer could represent both of the passengers in question.

Representing multiple people means that the lawyer can acquire  the same witnesses, evidence, and documentation against the offending party, to be used for the benefit of all the clients.

Single Representation

While multiple client representation has its advantages, you don’t necessarily have to seek the same legal counsel as your fellow accident victims.  . If you deem it more beneficial, you have the option of hiring your own personal representative. Just be sure to choose a law firm that can competently handle your case.

Level the Playing Field with an Experienced Legal Team

We know that every case has its unique set of circumstances, which is why it’s essential to seek legal help after an incident. If you’re an injury victim seeking compensation due to negligence, the Larson & Miller Injury Law team is ready to provide professional assistance.

Our lawyers are highly knowledgeable in cases relating to personal injury and wrongful death.    We stand for the victims. Call us today at 417-890-6677 for your first consultation.