You can't find the right lawyer without the right questions.

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Your choice of attorney can have a profound effect not just on your future, but your family’s as well. Spending the time to research lawyers before you make your decision is wise—but you shouldn’t stop there. You need to ask the right questions that will help determine who the best lawyer is to handle your case.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before hiring an attorney. For a full list of questions and more tips directly from Kurt Larson, Personal Injury Attorney, download the free eBook today!



1.Does your lawyer have the reputation and leverage to get you a great settlement?

Not all lawyers are created equal. The attorney you select can have a profound impact on the outcome of your case, whether a great settlement, or a trial. Your lawyer needs to have a history of successfully proving the insurance company wrong. Insurance companies know which lawyers are a threat to them, and which ones are not.

2.What does "no fee no recovery" really mean?

“No fee No recovery” should mean exactly what it says. Under this fee arrangement, instead of you paying a steep hourly fee that you may not be able to afford, the lawyer bears the entire financial burden of prosecuting the case for you. Your attorneys fee and reimbursed expenses are paid at the end, and only if you win. It’s that simple.

3.Who will actually handle your case?

Most law firms operate as a team including legal assistants, paralegals and two or more lawyers on your case. That said, you deserve to have a partner (the ones with their name on the door) involved in your case and supervising the team.