Missouri Safe and Sober

The Missouri Safe and Sober program is a non-profit organization, founded by Kurt Larson in association with Springfield Public Schools Foundation. Originally known in 2004 as Safe and Sober Prom Night, it is an educational program for middle schools and high schools that creates awareness about the dangers of drugs and alcohol and encourages teens to lead a safe and sober lifestyle. Students take a pledge – a written commitment to their parents, friends and themselves– to stay drug and alcohol free. Since its inception, the program has reached nearly 200,000 students in more than 180 Missouri Schools. The Safe and Sober program uses video presentations that offer teens a realistic perspective of the tragic effects of drinking. After the video, students will receive a pledge card, which asks them to make a commitment to remain safe and sober until they are 21 years old. To learn more about Missouri Safe and Sober, visit www.missourisafeandsober.com.


Safe and Sober creates a heightened awareness in the lives of high school students regarding constructive decision making. While our culture is glorifying destructive decisions, Kurt Larson and the Safe and Sober campaign challenges our students to do it right!

- Kirk S.

Hillcrest High School

The Safe and Sober program has made a difference in the lives of Cassville High School students. It provides the students a way to publicly announce their decision to stay safe, be responsible, and be role models for others. The students know that the school, Mr. Larson, and the community care enough about them to support Safe and Sober.

- Elaine B.

Cassville High School