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8 Reasons You Should Hire a Trial Attorney After a Car Accident

1. Leverage.

When you hire a successful trial attorney, you carry a big stick.

That is, the threat of your attorney taking the insurance company’s insured to trial and winning is important leverage to have.

Hiring an attorney to represent you at this critical time in your life gives you that leverage.

2. Practical Experience with Outcomes.

Trial attorneys are experienced with cases like yours.

They can tell you at the outset whether it is worth your while to pursue legal action.

3. Attorney’s Fees Contingent upon You Winning.

Most trial attorneys, like those who concentrate on personal injury cases, work for a contingency fee. That means that if you do not win, you will pay no attorney’s fees.

4. Avoid Dealing with Adjusters and other Headaches.

An experienced attorney and his or her staff can take care of most of the work. That includes the paperwork, phone calls, bill collection notices, and expenses of your case.

That way you can focus on getting your health back and taking care of your family.

5. A Team of Experts, Investigators, and Paralegals.

When you call a trial attorney, you should expect them to have investigators standing ready to obtain and evaluate evidence vital to your case.

Plus a network of experts in fields such as engineering, economics and medicine. These experts should be trained to evaluate the evidence in your case and help to educate a jury.

6. Good Judgement.

A good trial attorney will be more objective about the value of your case than you. He or she brings a wealth of practical experience to the table.

No one truly knows the value of an injury victim’s damages.

And certainly you don’t, and no one expects you to.

You may be tempted to take what appears to you to be a reasonable settlement offer.

But your attorney may counsel you that it is in your best interests to wait for a more appropriate offer.

7. Larger Settlements.

A trial attorney is motivated to zealously advocate your case.

Their fee is contingent upon you winning. So a trial attorney wants to obtain for you the best settlement possible, and as early in the litigation process as possible. 

Check their results to make sure they can win at a jury trial.

8. Larger Verdicts.

If a trial becomes necessary, a personal injury lawyer who is a trial attorney knows how to utilize the rules of evidence to present your case. This helps to achieve the best possible jury verdict in your favor.

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